Complaints procedure

We recognise that supporters may have a complaint relating to their experience with FSH and this procedure is designed to ensure that their views are acknowledged and investigated promptly and courteously, with the aim of achieving a satisfactory outcome for the complainant.

Complaints from our supporters are an opportunity for FSH to review the way it operates and identify where necessary, alternative means of working to minimise future complaints.

The name of complainants will be kept confidential.

Responding to a complaint
Most complaints can be dealt with immediately. They should be dealt with quickly and there should be no further issue for the complainant.

Whilst some complaints may seem minor, if there is a situation where a supporter feels he or she is not listened to, this can escalate out of proportion. Therefore, prompt action is essential.

All complaints at an event should be reported to the event organiser and passed to the chairman of the main relevant fund-raising committee. Non -event complaints should be reported to the chairman of FSH.

Issues an event organiser cannot resolve
There will be situations where the event organiser feels he or she cannot resolve the situation. In this case the complaint should be referred to the chairman of FSH. This should be done promptly, either verbally or by email. Once received, the chairman will take responsibility to resolve the issue within 30 days.

The chairman will talk to the complainant to hear the issue first hand, acknowledge the complaint in writing and agree to respond within the 30 days. The chairman will then investigate the complaint and respond to the complainant, both verbally and by written communication (email or letter). Any steps decided by the chairman should be communicated to the chairmen of both fundraising committees and the relevant event organiser and implemented as soon as possible, especially where this entails doing things in a different way. In the majority of cases this should resolve any issues.

If the complainant is still not satisfied
If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, he or she may request that the complaint is considered by a panel of not less than 3 trustees, which does not include the chairman. The complainant must submit the complaint in writing.

The Trustees will investigate the complaint and respond to the complainant with their decision in writing. If steps to rectify the situation are required, the Trustees will inform event organisers and anyone else affected and request confirmation that the changes have been implemented.

The Board’s decision is final.