Get Involved

Please do come and join us at some of the tremendous fundraising events we run which support the hospices serving the people of Sussex. Our East Sussex Lunch Club and West Sussex Lunch Clubs are always happy to accept new members and you can always find out what we’re up to by checking our Events page or by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Our supporters often get involved by organising their own events. We have gratefully received donations from bowls clubs, a metal detectors’ club, a farmer who held an open farm day for us, from a local Waitrose staff team, who rode a static bike in their foyer for a day and from corporate teams and individuals who’ve taken part in walks, marathons and climbed mountains!

If you would like to organise a fundraising event for FSH do let us know – we could add it to our online events calendar for you. We would be happy to offer help and advice about running an event, to provide sponsor forms, and to come along to support you if you need us to

Other wonderful donations have come about as a result of people generously and selflessly waiving birthday or anniversary presents and suggesting gifts to FSH in lieu. Corporate support has included the underwriting of specific printing or event costs, donations in kind (tickets, holidays and hospitality services), taking advertising space and much appreciated pro-bono professional help across an extraordinary range of disciplines. Every penny saved in these areas is another that goes to our hospices.

We have been honoured to be designated a nominated charity by several local businesses, a golf club, a national boy band, a French market event and a district council office.