MMHQ Quiz 1

1. Hidden towns and villages of Sussex – give one answer for each. You are solving for a village or town name.  EXAMPLE: A portable crucifix. CROSS IN HAND

  1. A shallow river crossing                Ford
  2. A lawn for game                           Partridge Green
  3. A nasty habit of bulls                     Goring
  4. Dead grass and what a bee does Hastings

5. Where can you find the only known ceremonial parchment manuscript copy of the original handwritten Declaration of Independence signed in 1776 other than in the United States?
a) Paris b) London c) Chichester d) Brighton

6. The dinosaur hunter Dr Gideon Mantell of Lewes was the first to name:
a) Ichthyosaur b) Rhinoceros c) Iguanodon d) Brachiosaurus

7. When did the Royal Navy abolish the daily rum ration:
a) 1970 b) 1982 c) 1948 d) 1918

8. What is an iceberg composed of?
a) salt water b) ice d) fresh water d) arctic detritus

9. A growth of skin covered with hair which hangs underneath a moose’s throat is called:
a) the Bull b) the Bell c) the Basket d) the Bolster.

10. Which of these is not a component of glass?
a) sand b) soda c) water d) lime

11. London Bridge was purchased by an entrepreneur in 1968 and moved to the United States. It is now located in which state?
a) California b) Arizona c) Nevada d) Florida

12. Which sea surrounds the Aeolian Islands?
a) Aegean b) Tyrrhenian c) Adriatic d) Ionian

13. In which ocean is New Zealand located?
a) Antarctic b) Southern c) Pacific d) Maori

14. How many pieces are in a set of dominoes?
a) 30 b) 26 c) 28 d) 32

15. What do you call a group of flamingos?
a) flock b) band c) herd d) colony

16. The number system used to catalogue books was devised by:
a) Hayward b) Oxbridge c) Dewey d) Monsteras

17. Which of these is not part of a flower?
a) calyx b) corona c) stamen d) corolla

18. Bergamot is a substance which gives the distinctive aroma to :
a) Chartreuse b) Earl Grey tea c) fruit scones d) Simnel cake

19. Which animal also lives wild elsewhere than on the African continent?
a) gorilla b) lion c) giraffe d) hippopotamus

20. The majority of adult hospice funding has to be raised through donations. What is the average percentage of government funding made available to each adult hospice in Sussex to cover their running costs?
a) 4% b) 22% c) 32% d) 42%

21. The only place you can find both alligators and crocodiles co-existing is in:
a) the Macquarie Marshes b) the Everglades c) the Red Sea d) the Sea of Cortes