MMHQ Quiz 3

1-4. Hidden towns and villages of Sussex – give one answer for each. You are solving for a village or town name.  EXAMPLE: A portable crucifix. CROSS IN HAND

  1. Toothpaste for whiter teeth   COLGATE
  2. Where to cross salty water     SEAFORD
  3. Fido will do this to a bone      BURY
  4. A crossing for chefs                COOKSBRIDGE

5. Phylloxera is a pest that attacks which food crop?
a) wheat b) grapes c) beans; d) corn

6. Which is the only English cheese mentioned in the Domesday Book?
a) Cheddar b) Cheshire c) Wensleydale d) Stilton

7. What would you expect to find in the centre of a Sussex Pond Pudding?
a) A lemon b) an apple c) a coin d) a charm

8. Who played the first Detective Inspector in Death in Paradise?
a) Chris Marshall b) Ben Miller c) Martin Clunes d) Rowan Atkinson

9. Which type of animal of the original four introduced in the 1880’s by Sir Edmund Loder to his private gardens in Lower Beeding still lives there today?
a) beaver b) antelope c) kangaroo d) wallaby

10. The Amex hosted one of the upsets of the tournament in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. South Africa lost 32-34 to which underdog?
a) Samoa b) Georgia c) Japan d) Fiji

11. Highly regarded West Sussex Golf Club is considered one of the UK’s best golf courses. In which year was it officially opened?
a) 1921 b) 1931 c) 1941 d)1951

12. Shoreham Airport is the UK’s oldest licensed airfield.
a) True b) False~

13. Which bird nests annually on the roof of Chichester Cathedral?
a) kestrel b) cormorant c) falcon d) buzzard

14. In which city would you find the Fisherman’s Bastion?
Rome b) Barcelona c) Budapest d) Athens

15. Which year did the first woman swim the English Channel?
a) 1906 b) 1926 c) 1936 d) 1956

16. How long does it take for the moon to orbit the earth?
a) 7 days b) 27 days c) 30 days d) 365 days

17. Which Walt Disney film was the first produced in colour?
a) Cinderella b) Snow White c) Sleeping Beauty d) Lady and the Tramp

18. Clark Kent reveals his secret identity to Lois Lane in 1991. He is:
Spiderman b) Batman c) Superman d) The Hulk

19. Dental floss, invented in 1815, was originally made of:
a) Silk b) spun cotton c) cat gut d) linen

20. The Sussex Hospices Trail, created in 2016 to mark the 21st Anniversary of the Friends of Sussex Hospices, covers how many miles?
a) 50 b) 100 c) 200 d) 300

21. How many cities have hosted the modern Summer Olympic Games three times?
a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 4