11 – West St Leonards to Crowhurst

A 5 mile linear walk from West St Leonards rail station to Crowhurst rail station in East Sussex, forming the 11th stretch of the Sussex Hospices Trail. The route takes you around the open land at the edge of Bexhill into the tranquil Sussex countryside. On route you will walk through mixed woodland, stroll through the Combe Valley Nature Reserve and follow a section of the 1066 Country Walk. Combe Valley is a site of of biological importance due to its diversity of habitat supporting many species of flora and fauna. Alluvial meadows and reed beds cover a large section of this area. The return leg can be completed with a single 6 minute train journey.


The route includes several gentle gradients. Along the way you will need to negotiate one kissing gate, farm gates, footbridges and one stile. There are some sections of walking through quiet residential areas and one or two sections through woodland which may be muddy. You will be sharing some of the fields with grazing livestock so take particular care with dogs. Allow 3 hours.


Accessing the Trail

There are several ways to follow the Trail!

On paper

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On a GPS device

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