MMHQ Quiz 2

1-4 Hidden towns and villages of Sussex – give one answer for each. You are solving for a village or town name.  EXAMPLE: A portable crucifix.  CROSS IN HAND

  1. What a smoky lamp needs          NEWICK
  2. A replete monarch                       FULKING
  3. A dazzling centenary                   BRIGHTON
  4. A container and a shady walk     BOXGROVE

5. What is the main ingredient in a Pontefract cake?
a)ginger b) molasses c) liquorice d) chocolate

6. From which fish are Arbroath smokies made?
a) Mackerel b) herring c) cod d) haddock

7. What type of food is Italian Taleggio?
a) pasta b) cheese c) desert d) bread

8. What year did the October 12 Lewes flood happen?
a) 1999 b) 2000 c) 2001 d) 2002

9. The Sussex river which flooded Lewes is called:
a) The Adur b) The Uck c) The Ouse d) The Cuckmere

10. The source of the longest river entirely in Sussex, the River Arun, is at:
a) Lower Beeding b) Shipley c) Pulborough d) St Leonard’s Forest

11. Who played Mary Poppins in the film Mary Poppins Returns?
a) Julie Andrews b) Kirsten Dunst c) Emily Blunt d) Kirsten Stewart

12. How many Toy Story feature length movies have been made which use the words Toy Story?
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6

13. Kingley Vale in West Sussex is an internationally recognised site of special scientific interest due to which feature?
a) ancient oaks b) ancient yews c) long barrows d) chalk grassland

14. Brighton and Hove Albion’s home is The Amex. To the nearest thousand, what is the capacity of the stadium?
a) 26,000 b) 31,000 c) 36,000 d) 41,000

15. The River Ouse was diverted from its original path which joined the sea at Seaford.
a) True b) False

16. What is the maximum number of golf clubs that a professional player can carry in their bag?
a) 12 b) 14 c) 16 d) 18

17. The first recorded Royal Balcony appearance by a monarch took place in 1851, when Queen Victoria stepped onto it to celebrate which event?
a) The 100 Guineas Cup Yacht Race b) the repeal of the Window Tax c) The Great Exhibition d) the completion of the United Kingdom Census of 1851

18. How many blue stripes are there in the US flag?
a) 0 b) 6 c) 7 d) 13

19. With regard to World War II, what does the D in D-Day stand for?
a) Disarmament b) Decision c) Doomsday d) Day

20. Who is credited with starting the modern Hospice Movement?
a) Cecily Saunders b) Florence Nightingale c) Edith Cavell d) Marie Curie

21. What is the longest river in the world?
a) The Nile b) The Amazon c) The Congo d) The Yangtze