Platinum Jubilee Art Project

We are delighted that all 70 sections of the portrait are now allocated to artists to reproduce, and the exciting part of the project begins!
We are assembling the 70 sections to make a composite artwork both completely exceptional and utterly unique.
This will be on display at:
The Alleluia Hall, St Bartholomew's Church, Cross in Hand, TN21 0LT, from Tuesday 2 - Monday 6 June, 11am - 5pm (you can also view the Green Canopy and artwork display in the church).

Would you like to bid for the finished, framed portrait? It will be possible to bid throughout the exhibition and until the auction ends at 12noon on Monday 6 June.

The current top bid is......


Art event flyer table

Further info available from email:
or telephone: 01892 653 141

We thank the artist Malgorzata Nierobisz for her permission to use this fabulous portrait of our Queen.
The Queen - Original Modern Abstract Pop art Portrait (2019)
Acrylic painting  by Misty Lady - M. Nierobisz